Welcome to 280 SPORTS

We have a new concept for sports activities. We believe children and their parents are best served when there is something for every member of the family under one roof. Of course, this won't work if the programs are not quality programs. So, to accomplish our goal, we have selected only the best programs, owned and operated by professionals in each area.  Since each program is operated independently, the business owner is free to focus on his or her area of expertise.  

280 Sports

How does the "Pickup Zone" work?

For the safety and convenience of children and parents, we have a "Pickup Zone" located on the 'Quick Trip' side of the building. There is a single, one-way-only lane, with an area for children to wait for their ride. If you wish to use this feature, please do the following:

Show your child the area to wait in, immediately after class. Enter the lane from behind 280 Sports. Your child will be waiting outside the doors near the front of the building.

Once you enter the lane, there is no parking or waiting. As a courtesy to others, if your child is not waiting in the "Pickup Zone" for you, please go around the building again.

I'm going to be late to pick up my child. Can I leave my child with someone?

Please contact the activity business for arrangements. Children may not be left to roam the hallways, under any circumstance.

If we haven't answered your question, or you have suggestions for improvements, please contact us.

280 Sports has no standard hours of operation.  The individual activity businesses have hours which they have established for the convenience of their patrons and students. 

Please contact the individual activity business for specifics.

Thank you.

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the link to the activity, and follow the directions. With some activities you will need to telephone the business. With others, the best way is to visit 280 Sports. Either way, we recommend you visit to see what all the excitement is all about.

Is there a Master Calendar?

Unfortunately, no. Each activity is presented by an individual business. The individual business owner schedules the activities.

Child drop off and pick up

280 Sports has put a lot of effort into the comfort and convenience for parents. We encourage you to come into the facility, stop at the Cafe for a gourmet coffee, and relax while you watch the children train or play.

If you do decide to leave during your child's session, please use the following procedure:

For children under 12: Please park and bring your child into the facility to make certain the class, or event is ready for your child. For the once in a thousand time your child's class may be cancelled in an emergency, you would not want your child left unattended. Pick up your child using the pickup lane, entering from behind the building. Instruct your child to wait for you in the "Pickup Zone located at the front corner of the building.

For children under 8: Please follow the above procedure, however we recommend that you come inside to pickup your child instead of using the pickup lane.

For "kids" of all ages, we expect you to behave like ladies and gentlemen. We do not tolerate disrespect of people or property or disruption of others classes and activities. We reserve the right to ask "kids" to leave.